The Power of Intuition Story

October 14, 2018

What if Intuition is not just about you and improving your life quality? What if Intuition can heal the world we live in? 




William was 14 years old. Living a life of poverty in a crime ridden neighborhood, being abused repeatedly at home, William decided to run away for his survival. When the police found him, William chose not to return home but to take up residence at the crisis center/shelter where I was managing.


Like the rest of the kids in the facility, he was at a rough place in his life. When you are 14 years old and would rather go to a crisis center with a bunch of strangers than home to your parents, there’s no way around it – this is a tough thing for any kid to have to face.


In the center, there were girls who had been raped, runaways who had no parents, kids that were there because they acted out in violence at home – all types of situations, none of which were really uplifting. William’s efforts to fit-in or simply get along with the others were interrupted by his urge to antagonize and bully them.


Intuition Is The Key To Seeing Beyond The Surface


One night, for no apparent reason, William was really blowing his top. There were several kids in the common area and I could hear William picking at them. Though there were comments going both ways, William was the one who was showing the most aggression. I walked into the area and looked at William. Was he just your average young man, taking the opportunity to get a fix by belittling everyone around him?


As I looked at him – really looked at him – I saw something very different. I had one intuitive flash after another come into my mind. First there was his father’s broken spirit, then what his brother had done to him, his teacher’s mental abuse and his brutal cousin from Atlanta. The sights were chilling and very sad, but gave me a very different perspective of William. This is the beauty of intuition.


Diffusing conflict in the facility was my job. But as a compassionate intuitive who takes my life purpose seriously, I wanted to do more than just avoid violence on my watch. I wanted to help William. I was able to do this successfully using intuition. With intuition, you can access helpful, sometimes critical information that you would otherwise never know.


Anyway, during this incident, everyone else in the room saw the surface of what was occurring in William, but I saw something much deeper – beyond the way he was behaving. I could see why he was doing this. He was reliving a series of traumatic events. The kids in the room were unknowingly triggering this and William was in survival mode, fighting to keep the walls from closing in on him.


I asked William to come talk to me for a minute. We went into another room. I said something along the lines of "Are you okay? You seem upset about something." Of course he denied anything of the sort. He just sat there with a hard, cold look on his face.


So out of the blue, I asked him if he had a big brother at home (which I had intuitively already seen). He answered, "Yes." So I asked him to tell me about him. He started with some basic details (age, size, etc) but then the brutal details of the mental and physical abuse unfolded. As he continued the affected tough tone left his voice and he shared a very recent violent incident perpetrated by his brother. I was no longer in a battle of wills with a defiant teen.


I was listening to a young man, a human being – trusting me with some hard cold life details that he otherwise would never share. He needed to do this so his healing could begin and a radical change – a walk down a very different life path could take place. At this point in the conversion, my training kicked in even more. I ran William through a type of processing by merely asking him a series of questions.


These weren’t just any questions. I had to know exactly what was going on inside of him to know what questions to ask and how to ask them. These details in people are insights that no psychology degree can give you; and these insights can’t be deduced by someone’s facial expression or body language.


The only way to see profound details and truth about a person is through straight intuitive ability – the ability to tap into a greater spiritual intelligence, a force that we are all connected to.


Intuition Creates Breakthroughs That Are Otherwise Impossible


After sitting with William for 10 minutes, the result was him looking at me with tears running down his face. Yes, there was some pain in those tears, but there was also a lot of transformation. William had an awakening. He gained a better understanding of how he was playing out these roles in his life. He saw what was driving him to be the bully, the one who picks the fights, and the one who always has to fight back. The tears were there but he also had a peaceful glow around him. He looked me right in the eyes.


He didn’t say anything, but in his own way, I could feel he was thanking me. He got up and walked back into the area with the rest of the kids. They saw the tears in his eyes but seemed to accept him back.


William didn’t know that I had spent years of my life along with thousands of dollars on different systems of training to find the method I shared with him. He didn’t know I had studied at a military intelligence project funded by the Air Force to develop awareness and intuitive ability. He didn’t know I worked as a Professional Intuitive when I wasn’t at the center, and that I had an impressive client list of CEOs, Law Enforcement Officers, Celebrities, Government Officials, among others.


In fact, none of that mattered. What mattered is that a friend had shown him a way to deal with an immense pain that he has struggled with for years.

William still had lots of challenges to work through in this life, but for the next couple of months, until he left, I could see a radical change inside. And that change on the inside was reflected by change on the outside – how he treated others, his demeanor, and his attitude about life in general. There was an immense improvement.


Why Are We Sharing This Story With You?


This story is an experience from a life coach, the one who really knows how to use his intuitive ability as a force  to help others.


I bet that you yourself must have had this flash of feeling rushing through your brain more than once in life, which turned out to be totally true with the wisdom of hindsight. Many would have wished they had listened to the voice to alter the destination of their life journey or just to help the lives of their loved ones which could have been completely different. 


The fact that intuition brings about amazing changes as well as assist people through numerous seemingly impossible challenges is nothing new. What seems to be new to most of us, however, is the ability to harness this power to get more out of life.


Just like any other abilities, this require training and practice overtime. Unfortunately, during their intuition trainingeither poor methods or lack of metrics usually discourage them along the way.


Through scientific researches, we have successfully filed a patent on the first-of-its-kind Intuition Pro device as a technological breakthrough which can definitely track, train, and enhance your interoceptive skills using a quantifiable measurement process


source: Lifeleap
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