Mother's Intuition (part 1)

November 8, 2018

Mother's intuition is considered as the sixth sense every mother has. This mother's intuition helps mothers sense even the faintest inkling of what might harm her children. Below are incredible mothers' intuition stories.






When one mother was celebrating Mother's Day with her family -- she had no reason to suspect danger was near. That was until she had an overwhelming urge to locate her toddler during the festivities.

Michelle Mathis and her three daughters were with family opening gifts. Michelle's five-year old, Shay, was swimming in the pool and her two-year old, Delia, had no plans on swimming and went off to play.

However, during the event, Michelle knew she needed to find Delia immediately. That was when she went out to the pool to find a horrific event unfolding.

“There, in the middle of the deep end of the pool was Shay, treading water and holding something up,” describes Michelle. “I saw Delia’s bow floating at the top of the water and yelled to Shay ‘Is that Delia?’ Her small voice replied ‘yes’ and I immediately dove in. Shay had saved Delia from sinking, but being so small herself wasn’t able to keep Delia’s head above the water.”

Amazingly, Michelle was able to save her little girl all because of her following her mom gut.





One mother followed her gut instinct a few minutes too late and it resulted in her very young children being abducted by her abusive estranged husband. However, that same tuition resulted in her finding them again.

The year was 1983 and Tammy Aronson had recently left her husband, filed for divorce and moved to Florida with her 1 and 3 year old children.

Her husband, who Aronson claims was abusive, followed them to Florida and moved into a home nearby. Per Aronson's lawyer's guidance, she brought her children to visit her ex one day to make the divorce more amicable.

Shortly after dropping the kids off, Aronson was overwhelmed with a sense of foreboding. She turned her car around and raced back to the apartment which was cleaned out and everyone was gone.

Three months after her children we abducted, Aronson had a dream where her kids visited her and told her they were in Indian-Something, Massachusetts. She called the police who were working the case and they knew her in-laws lived in Indian River, Mass., but Aronson had no idea.

Police sent a team to the in-laws house and, sure enough, her children were there and returned back to her.





As a mom, there's nothing more terrifying than being jolted awake by a nightmare and racing to your children's beds to make sure they are safe. For one Utah mom, a terrifying start in the night saved her 5-year old daughter.

Stephanie Edson was awoken in the night by "nothing" she said. There was no loud noise, nothing touched her, but she reached for her phone and it read 4:07 am. Then, she heard her daughter's voice.

Edson went to her daughter, Lainey's, bedroom and the daughter was not there. Edson woke her husband who ran outside and found Lainey at the end of the driveway with a stranger.

The abductor told the parents he was taking Lainey to church with him, otherwise he would be killed. Edson's husband asked the abductor for his daughter back, which the abductor complied, while Edson called police and the man was arrested.





I once had a doctor tell me that a mother's instinct is something to be taken very easily when it comes to children patients -- that was especially true for one mother who detected a serious issue in her teen when other doctors brushed her off.

The mother had taken her 15-year old to two separate doctors for a small rash on his face. Both doctors said it was ringworm, prescribed a cream and sent them on their way. After the rash didn't budge -- the boy's mother pushed for a third diagnosis.

She brought the boy to the emergency room where the doctor initially didn't believe the bottle-cap-sized rash was an emergency. However, after the mother explained the creams weren't working, the boy was lethargic and his belly was growing -- the doctor decided to take a deeper look.

Turns out, the boy was in kidney failure due to lupus. He spent three weeks in the hospital, but was saved due to his mother's gut instinct that something more was the cause of her son's rash.





A mother in Philadelphia had a feeling her daughter -- who everyone told her had died in a house fire -- was still alive. No one believed her until she discovered her at a birthday party.

Luz Cuevas's only daughter, Delimar Vera, was presumed dead after a house fire burned the family home down with, what authorities told Cueva's, the baby still inside.

However, when Cuevas attended a birthday party, she saw a little girl the age that Delimar would have been who she just knew in her gut was her daughter.

In an effort to prove it, Cuevas pretended the little girl had gum in her hair and took strands of her hair for a DNA test, which proved she was, in fact the girl's mother.

Authorities believe a family acquaintance took the little girl from the home and burned the house down to hide evidence of the abduction.





Back in the day, a mother didn't have internet or television to guide her to safety or advise her in her journey through motherhood. She had to fine-tune her mother's instinct to help her do the right things. This was especially true for one Reddit user's mother who saved their family from a deadly storm.

The mother had four children in an old farmhouse. There was no electricity, TV, radio or phone. They were truly isolated.

However, the middle of the night, the mother got a bad feeling and grabbed all of her children and headed to the root cellar where she was obviously nervous.

"Then she was shivering, praying and touching all of us. Suddenly there was an enormously loud roar of wind," Reddit user, longagofaraway2 explained.

The user went on to explain that 25 years later, you can still see the path the tornado took a mere 100 feet away from their farmhouse. He said, to this day, he has no idea what prompted his mother to move them to the root cellar and save their lives.





It's amazing how one small decision during an absolutely run-of-the-mill day can save your life from utter devastation. That was the case for one mother who made a live-saving decision while her family enjoyed dinner one night.

The mother, who goes by username DudeimousPrime on Reddit, was simply enjoying pizza for dinner with her three-year old and watching a movie. She sat on the couch and her toddler ate on the floor, where the anonymous mother could see nothing more than the back of her child's head.

Suddenly, a horrible feeling washed over the mother and she ran to her child. Sure enough, the little girl was choking and turning blue.

She discovered the nightmare just in the nick of time and was able to fish the wad of pizza out of her throat and everything was fine.

"You just get super crazy as a mom and start double-checking all your worst fears and suspicions," the mother wrote on Reddit.





For another mother on Reddit, her mother's intuition didn't save her child from harm, but alerted her that her child had, in fact, been injured.

Reddit user, GypsyDanggger, was having a typical day at work while her son was at summer camp. That was until she was certain the camp was calling her to tell her he was hurt. She grabbed her phone, but it was not ringing. She brushed the feeling off and went back to work.

But, when the mom arrived to get her son from camp, she saw he had large bandages on his arms, knees an hip. She quickly asked the counselors what happened and they said someone was supposed to call her and let her know he had fallen and gotten pretty scraped up.

"I don't know what the f*ck that was but I will definitely be paying closer attention to any more 'feelings' I get," the mom wrote on Reddit.





A Reddit user was about 10 years old when he and a friend decided to get into mischief. Little did he know, a call from his mom predicting his naughtiness would haunt him forever.

The user, juliovega914, was home alone with his friend when he decided to get into his dad's guns to show the newest weapons he had purchased. However, just as they were taking out the guns and examining them, the home phone rang. It was his mother calling from a payphone, nervous and telling him to stay away from his dad's guns.

The boy spent the rest of his youth convinced his mom had a security system in the house with cameras or at least audio recording devices. He learned how to detect radio waves and inspected every inch of their home for equipment -- but came up empty-handed.

Later in life, he asked him mom about the incident, which she vaguely recalled, but told him it was her mom gut telling her trouble was brewing.

"A scientist by both nature and trade, I hate to accept it, but f*ck -- I cannot explain what the hell happened that day," juliovega914 wrote.





For one mom, mother's intuition woke her up and alerted her to danger that could have possibly saved her daughter from terrifying danger.

Reddit user, AmiIcePop, was sleeping soundly like any normal night when she suddenly had a startling experience.

"All the noises in my dream muted and I heard a urgent but calm voice overhead, like coming from the sky. 'Wake up, Ami. Wake up now. Someone is in the house. The kids. Go to the kids," AmiIcePop wrote.

When she checked her son, he was sleeping soundly. However, as she entered her daughter's room, she saw a dark figure next to the bed. She flicked on the light and found a man standing next to her daughter's bed.

She jumped on her daughter and screamed at the man who jumped out a nearby first floor window -- the same one he had sneaked in through.

Turns out, it was a neighbor's relative who said he had a drug problem and was only looking for money, but this mom wasn't buying it.

"I don't believe him. If that voice in my dream didn't wake me up, who knows what could have happened," she wrote.





If you're like most parents, checking on your child in the night tends to be something you do every now and again. However, for one mom, this was something she avoided to keep her autistic son calm. That is, until one night, when her mother's intuition forced her into his room and could have possibly saved his life.

Reddit user, SquitsMcGrish's, son is autistic and a light sleeper. So, she and her husband vowed to not go into his room at night in order to keep him asleep. One night she awoke at 4 am to use the restroom -- something she rarely does -- and was overcome with the sense to check on her child.

She decided having him up all night would be worth settling her nerves. As soon as she opened the bedroom door, her child sat up and violently started vomiting to the point he was choking. She ran to him but he could not clear his airway and she had to call an ambulance.

Doctors said if she hadn't gone in his room, it would be a miracle if he was still alive.

"[The doctor] said he had a lot of parents get this and science couldn't explain it but that parents' intuition is a wonderful thing and never to ignore it," the mom wrote.





For me, feeling like a "mom" didn't start right away, but for one mom, her mother's intuition kicked in at conception.

Sofia Taylor was pregnant with her daughter, Bella Mae, when doctors told her there was no heartbeat inside her unborn baby and prescribed her abortion pills.

Taylor did not believe the doctors and agreed she would not take the pills for another 8 days until she could get another ultrasound. During the second ultrasound, doctors discovered Bella Mae was, in fact, alive and Taylor made the right decision by not taking the pills.

Bella Mae was not Taylor's first child, so she blames her intuition on the fact that she had already been pregnant before.

“They told me to get rid of the baby — but after three children, I knew what being pregnant felt like," Taylor said. “I even remember [Bella's Dad] saying, ‘Just take the tablets’ because he trusted the doctors. I even started to hate him a bit.”

Bella Mae was born a healthy, happy little girl thanks to her stubborn mom listening to her mother's intuition.





It's a story as old as time -- Mom wakes up feeling uneasy. Can't quite go back to sleep without checking on her baby. For one New Zealand mother, she couldn't shake the feeling until she picked her baby up and that just might have saved the infant's life.

Nikki McLean awoke in the night feeling on edge, she went into her nine-week old daughter's room to check on her. Everything seemed fine, the baby was sleeping soundlessly and she should have been put at ease.

However, McLean couldn't shake the feeling. She picked her infant up and immediately afterward an earthquake hit her home -- sending a mirror shattering into the bassinet where her baby was just laying.

"If I had been asleep, I wouldn't have gotten her in time," McLean said.

Thankfully, the family has bounced back from the large earthquake and, though shaken up, the family is doing well.





Sona Astoyam was on a relaxing trip to Jamaica to attend a wedding. However, her mother's intuition pulled her to volunteer in a way that would forever change her life.

During her stay on the islands, Astoyam could not shake the feeling that she needed to volunteer at a local orphanage. It was not an easy task as several orphanages did not allow her inside and she had to persuade her way into one.

As she volunteered that day, she saw a boy laughing in the courtyard and she waved hello. She thought nothing of the interaction until outside the orphanage and getting into her cam. She was overwhelmed with the desire to go back to the boy -- he needed help. It was not easy. The orphanage did not want to permit her entrance again and the cab did not want to wait -- she did it anyway.

She found the laughing boy sad and alone on the ground. He was being physically abused for her boisterous behavior. She knew then and there this was her son and after a lengthy adoption process and six return trips to Jamaica -- she adopted the boy who had lived over three years in the orphanage and was so neglected he couldn't speak.

"I tell him this story every day. I don't let myself imagine, What if I'd gotten in the cab? It felt inevitable—he'd always been my son," Astoyam said.





One woman fully credits her mother with the fact that she is still alive to this day after an incident at her school as a little girl.

As a little girl, Anna Lind Thomas, walked to and from school with a pack of children and her faithful dog, Lassie. However, one day, her mother was overwhelmed with fear throughout the day and had the deep urge to pick her daughter up from school -- something she never did.

When Anna left school, she saw her mother across the street and waved. Anna was thrilled her mother was there as she had just drawn her a picture. While she was headed towards her mother, she saw immense fear in her mom's eyes as the mother darted towards Anna, pushed her out of the way, and a truck ran over her mom.

What's even more bizarre, the mother sustained only bruising from being run over by a full-sized vehicle. She sunk into the sand in the road and was cushioned from being severely injured.

"Her intuition wasn’t a fluke, a paranoid thought, or a coincidental moment of fear," Anna wrote for Babble. "It was a calling, an unexplainable force that said, 'Go.' So she did. And here I am."





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