Intuition Is a Gift from Our Soul

September 13, 2018

Everything that you unconsciously foresee and feel is not at all "coincidence" or "imagination". That is a secret power connecting your heart and mind, manifesting through subconscious physical reactions. That is something has been inside us ever since human being existed, however the fact that it is so abstract we didn't realize it is there for all of us. It is INTUITION - gift from everyone's soul, not a privilege limited to some psychics or people with NDE. Let the author of the book The Light Gap walk you briefly through this.



Most of us have had experiences with intuition all throughout our lives. I know for many years I always thought…that’s amazing, what a “coincidence”. Then I would think, “I wonder how I knew that?” Or, I had a gut feeling that I should do something. We often pass it off as our imagination only to find out we were correct. We can all relate to these feelings. But do we tap into that power? In fact for me, my gut reaction is very real, showing up as a slight stab of pain in my left side. It took me a long time to realize that real physical reactions were connected to my emotions. Learning to dissolve the negative emotions causing physical pain took the realization that I had powerful control over the signals my brain was sending to my body. I eventually realized that my heart was communicating with my brain. This is a scientific fact that most of us have no idea happens.


Intuition is another word for the very real electromagnetic field around our bodies generated by the heart. Our brains and our hearts communicate with each other even more if we realize and use the connection.


We are all born with this ability of intuition. It’s our soul that is constantly trying to speak to us. Are we listening? Do we even realize our soul  communicates using our brain ~ heart connection? OR, do we often dismiss these thoughts that pop in our minds thinking our imaginations have taken over. Hang on to that imagination. It is a very useful tool! By “dismissing” our intuitive thoughts, we are making it very difficult for our soul to give us very useful information for our lives.


Research conducted at the Heart Math Institute (HMI) have proven that the heart’s electromagnetic field can be detected by other people. It also produces measurable effects in a person several feet away from us. (Research information on We have the power to create the field environment we desire.


This natural soul ability is not limited to transcended masters who have spent a lifetime in study and meditation, or psychics born with abilities beyond our comprehension. Instead it is more a way of “being” for all humans.


Intuition and feelings are the language of the soul. It is a tremendous gift for all of us! It’s a guidance system we can develop and use in our daily lives. First, recognize you have this ability and then begin to listen for guidance to arrive! Quieting your mind is a first step because it is an intentional connection to your soul.


Psychics will tell you that receiving information is all about the movement of energy. As we know, everything is made up of energy ~ people, places and things. We all can receive and read information by means of our intuitive abilities. We can inadvertently block our natural abilities by dismissing intuitive hits we have now. Here are some examples you will likely recognize.

  1. Thinking of a person, the phone rings and it’s them!

  2. You know immediately upon meeting a new person if you like or dislike them.

  3. You were certain of an outcome of an event before it happened.

  4. You walk in a room and know immediately these are caring, loving people or just the opposite.

  5. You have vivid or prophetic dreams.

  6. Coincidences keep happening in your life ~ frequency of these happens when you recognize them as synchronicities.


We can develop our natural intuitive abilities to help us create a more peaceful, compassionate and caring environment in our lives. Meditation naturally develops our abilities when practiced daily. I thought at one time in my life that my abilities were only started by my NDE*. But now I KNOW that it is available to all human beings. We can use this ability when faced with important decisions in our lives. We can also use it to make a very quick decision by simply stopping, checking with our interior self and going with the information that pops in our head. Or pay attention to your gut feeling. Here is an analogy that might help you understand.


Many psychics and mediums explain being intuitive by using the analogy of how a radio or TV works. TV signals are beaming through our airways all the time. We can’t see them or hear them unless we tu​ne into the right frequencies on our radios or TV’s. Our bodies are the “receiver” to download intuition IF we tune into the right frequencies. Frequency relates to our vibration level. Meditation and love thoughts create very high frequencies, helping it connect to our soul. REM sleep creates this as well…dreams.



Both Marj and I have had many experiences helping us move into a state of KNOWING beyond any doubt we CAN tune into our soul’s advise and information. Can this knowledge be put to use in health decisions? ABSOLUTELY yes it can. I did this when I was healing from Complex Migraines. You can read more specifically in Chapter 6 in our book, The Light GAP. And I loved it when I found a quote while reading Scientific Healing Affirmations by a yogi born in the early 1900’s who founded an organization here in the United States in 1920.


I experienced it following my NDE. And now modern science has proven this concept! But, he put the knowledge to use for healing back then. Intuition is a true gift in our lives. We can recognize, learn, and develop our abilities to “hear” our soul! Stay tuned how to apply this to YOUR health!



source: The Light Gap

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*A near-death experience is a personal experience associated with death or impending death. Such experiences may encompass a variety of sensations including detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of a light.


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